LingoHub translation reports are here

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Today we released a new word count report feature. Counting words sounds really simple, however, if you dive deeper into the subject you quickly find out it’s not.
Our previous implementation was simple and did it’s job. It gave the project administrators an overview of what happened in the project and who made how many text changes. The problem was


Brace yourselves, future is coming: ES6, AtScript and Angular 2.0

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Recently, the first AngularJS conference in Europe, ng-europe, took place in Paris. The future of Angular and beyond was the main topic in all different kind of talks. How will the new JavaScript ES6 implemented in Angular 2.0 by the AngularJS Team?
Angular 1.3 is already out and mainly focuses on better performance. Compared to version 1.2, DOM manipulation is 4.4


$touched is the new $dirty – AngularJS Migration Guide 1.2 to 1.3

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Quite recently the AngularJS Team released the first RELEASE CANDIDATE of AngularJS 1.3. This small AngularJS migration guide should help you if you have any problems migrating from 1.2 to 1.3. I will shortly point out which changes did break our app and then I will show an example of one of the main new features: $asyncValidators
AngularJS migration: A change that can break

LingoHub free app localization

Say hello to free app localization on LingoHub!

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We just introduced new subscription plans! Now there are complete packages that better suit customer project sizes and requirements. Less limitations, more possibilities!
A lot of customers bring their own translators, others hire them on freelance markets. Other projects are small teams of developers, some are bigger teams. We want to accommodate the various needs of our users and so we


Top 5 Reasons Why Localization Used to be a Pain

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Web or mobile app localization used to be a pain. In all likelihood I am not telling you anything new, either. But why is that? For the longest time, software developers have optimized all kinds of processes in their work (the lastest being version management, which with GIT has been so successful it has entered other industries as well, such as


Improve user experience with these 3 AngularJS directives

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AngularJS directives can give your visitor a better user experience (UX), e.g. by showing user avatars to make a page look more personal. An email field in your sign-in form could show an avatar next to it, indicating to the user that he typed in the correct email-address. If you have optional input fields in your form, you can hide them by default and

ElasticSearch data mapping L10n

ElasticSearch tutorial part I: ElasticSearch data mapping

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One of our core technologies we build upon here at LingoHub is Elasticsearch (ES). Built on top of the Apache Lucene project, ES provides extremely powerful text analysis and search capabilities that make it the ideal solution for the various text search requirements in our business. In this small series of articles I want to write about how we use ES in our application

Java properties files

Ensuring proper Java character encoding of byte streams

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This article looks at Java character encoding challenges and how those can be tackled.
The situation with Java character encoding
Some time ago I wrote about a situation we are facing at LingoHub every day: If a user uploads a resource file or uses our Github & Bitbucket integration to import a file, we always have to find out the correct