Heartbleed Bug

After Heartbleed: Five simple steps for more security

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The heartbleed bug is causing furor within the tech community. The ongoing global debate about internet surveillance by intelligence agencies is (finally) making companies think harder about securing their business secrets. Cyber attacks increase and criminals are out to get your credit card data, passwords are routinely stolen from large online services. What are very simple things you can do now, today, to make your online work just a little bit safer? Here are five really basic things that require little effort but already go a long way.

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New editor

Rethinking online translation editing

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Logging in today, our users noticed a button in the translation interface notifying them of our new translation editor. We rolled out a new interface for the Lingohub localization application just recently to prepare for this move. This is not just a small feature release for Lingohub (and thus a huge boost for developers and translators working on these localization projects) but part of a broader technical approach to making online translation better. Let me explain why.

tl;dr: We rolled out a new translation editor, click here to switch to it and try it out. It is crazy awesome. Translators can skip No. 3.

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Translation workflow Lingohub

Workflow improvements to translation status updates

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Collaborative work on translation projects can be complicated. Localization of web and mobile applications in particular is a process subject to constant changes. Translation status updates are the main way from which the translation management system on the one hand, and the project manager and the team members on the other hand, draw their information about the current status of the project. Translators work through the texts and mark strings or phrases as translated, reviewers work on those and mark them reviewed.

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10 great tools for startups Lingohub

10 Great Tools for Startups We Use Daily

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There’s a plethora of small and large tools out there that make life easier for startups (such as ours) to be product while maintaining a small foot print. While we constantly try new tools and apps, there is a list of 10 really well-done tools for startups that we can’t go without even for a day.

Our favorite 10 Tools for Startups

1. Google Drive.

There really is no way around some kind of office suite, and even though Google really stopped offering much for small teams on their free plan, it still remains a highly productive environment that constantly evolves and cuts down overhead.

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Erde am seidenen Faden

Am seidenen Faden: Strings in der Lokalisierung

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Wenn ein Programm in mehreren Ländern auf den Markt gebracht werden soll, wird schon bei der Programmierung darauf geachtet, dass alle Ausgaben an den Benutzer nicht fest einprogrammiert sind, sondern dynamisch ausgetauscht werden können. Dieser Vorgang heißt “Internationalisierung” (i18n). Meist werden dann alle Texte, die der Benutzer zu sehen bekommt, Übersetzern zur “Lokalisierung” (l10n) in die jeweilige Sprache übergeben. Wenn Grafiken nicht nur Abbildungen oder Icons enthalten, sondern auch Texte oder Inhalte, die in bestimmten Kulturen anders (oder gar nicht) dargestellt werden, müssen auch Sie durch durch Abfrage der “Locale” (System-Sprache/Region, z.B. “de-DE”) oder Benutzereinstellungen austauschbar sein. Das gilt natürlich auch für Sound- und Videoausgaben. In diesem Gastbeitrag geht es um die Tücken bei der i18n und l10n von Strings (Texten).

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